Upgrade from 13.0.4 to 13.0.5

Nextcloud 13.0.5
OpenSuse 15.0
Apache 2.4.33
PHP 7.2.5

Hi all,

this post is *** NOT *** an issue!

But as so many people IMHO misuse the “news” category for their personal installation issues, I’ve decided to misuse the “support” category, for a personal statement:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Nextcloud team, all who contributed, for providing us 13.0.5, great work!!!

After your announcement yesterday, I’ve had to wait as usual just about 24h, until the maintainers of the respective OpenSuse repositories provided upgrade packages for OpenSuse users. Thank you very much to them, too!

Upgrade, as always before, worked like a charm!

Maybe using a distro’s upgrade channel , so waiting for just one day more day after announcement, might be a good idea for some very impatient guys here :grinning:

Kind regards,

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note: moved to praise-category :wink:

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