Upgrade form to lastest Nextcloud Version


I’ve an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Linux with Nextcloud version I would like to update to a new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS VM with the lastest Nextcloud Version.

Because of the fact that updates between multiple major versions are unsupported, I try to update step by step from version 9 to 10, from 10 to 11 and so on.

But I run into the problem “This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with PHP 7.2”.

Any Idea how to proceed?



You probably need to install a old version of PHP.

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Nextcloud version is actually version 10.0.6.
So no need to upgrade from Nextcloud 9 to 10

You can check it yourself with requesting

I just did this today by doing the backup/restore process to get the database, config, and data to the new server (FreeBSD 11.2). I then manually unzipped NC 11 over the top of NC10, version, and ran https://server/updater/index.php. I had PHP 7.1. I don’t know if PHP 7.2 is too new for NC 11.

I then just walked it forward via the Admin web UI until I ended up on NC 15.