Upgrade failure 15.0.4 (docker image) -> 15.0.5 (web)

Nextcloud version: 15.0.4
Operating system and version: Docker image on Debian 4.9.130-2
Apache or nginx version: nginx
PHP version : 7.2.15

Running standard 15.0.4 docker image, selected “Upgrade” over web interface.
Upgrade stalled.
Then tried to connect over commandline interface with

dg1sek@vps:~$ docker exec -u www-data -it 90b53806f7fa php occ upggrade

Composer autoloader not found, unable to continue. Check the folder “3rdparty”. Running “git submodule update --init” will initialize the git submodule that handles the subfolder “3rdparty”.

Seems that the issue were wrong permissions inside the container image

I did a

chown www-data.www-data /var/www/html/updater/../core/doc/user/_static/*

and then launched the updater again manually from command line inside the container

:~/html/updater$ php updater.phar

and everything works again.

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Thanks! This fixed it for me also.