Upgrade fails from 20.0.0 to 20.0.1 (stuck at extracting)

I can not use the occ command due to permission issues (netcup webhosting). So upgrading is only possible via the webupdater.

However the webupdater gets stuck on “Extracting” every single time when trying to update from 20.0.0 to 20.0.1.

Could you please help me by either telling me how to get past the “Extracting” or at least how to abort the upgrade and just get my working 20.0.0 back?

Thank you very much.

Here’s how I got past it:

  1. Edit the .step file in the data/updater-xyzxyz/ directory by changing ```
    “state”:“start” to “state”:“end”
  2. Closing the browser tab of the updater
  3. Re-opening the updater
  4. Continue (first had to generate updater-secret)
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In that folder I just have a file .step-previous-update with this: {“state”:“end”,“step”:12}

… then I just wanted to reopen the updater, now I fails even earlier at “Check for expected files” with not background information