Upgrade Failing - 13 -> 13.0.1

Just manually upgraded my site from 13.0.0 to 13.0.1 and I am encountering a few issues:

  1. When I try to turn on maintenance mode, I get the following error:
/var/www/nextcloud# sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:mode --on
Nextcloud is not installed - only a limited number of commands are available

  Command "maintenance:mode" is not defined.
  Did you mean this?

I’ve never seen that error before (this is about my 10th upgrade), and not sure why it is now appearing. Since this is a single-user install, I went ahead with my usual procedure, which is to move the unpacked nextcloud folder to /var/www/nextcloud-x.x.x and symlink it to ‘nextcloud’, copy the config.php from the old one into the new folder, set perms on all directories (with a saved script), and then simply browse to the site.

Normally I receive an update notification, but this time I am getting a screen to create an admin user, etc. It is obviously reading the config.php file as all the fields are properly filled in. On prior updates I was prompted by the update script for any DB changes, etc.

Any ideas on how to resolve this so I can get back in?

That’s strange. Can you post the output of “ls -la /var/www/nextcloud” and “du -sch /var/www/nextcloud”?