Upgrade and redis

I’m assuming since it’s a cache, is it normal that I have to restart redis after an upgrade? I don’t see it in the documentation (maybe I’m blind) for an upgrade that mentions this step.


I haven’t heard of such a requirement myself, are you seeing errors or just looking for best practices?

I never restarted redis after nc upgrade and everything seems to work fine: No errors, no admin panel warning about missing file caching.

As redis is a stand alone server, independent of nc, I guess it will “clean” itself automatically when resources are not in use anymore, e.g. freed because of an nc upgrade ;).

Thanks for the responses… I guess it doesn’t matter to me as I just am in the habit of doing it now, but whenever I do an upgrade and don’t restart redis, the login page shows up, and upon logging in it goes blank for a second then comes back to login.

No big deal, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong.


That sounds buggy, so suggest you create an issue on github.

I’ve seen similar odd things like missing thumbnails or blank pages in apps after upgrading, so I usually do a redis-cli flushall. This always fixes the problems.

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