Upgrade 20.0.2 -> 20.0.3 fails

In Settings > Overview there is a mentioning of a new version (20.0.3)
Nextcloud 20.0.2

A new version is available: Nextcloud 20.0.3
All apps have an update for this version available

Apps with available updates

Open updater Download now

Update channel:


When “open updater” is selected the upgrade halts with:

  • Initializing

Current version is 20.0.2.
No update available.

  • Check for expected files

  • Check for write permissions

Does anyone have any insight?

I’m having the same issue. It seems like a duplicate of 19.0.6: Non-existing update?

Same here. Is there any information of that issue ?

Same here, NC 20.0.1 to 20.0.3

Confirm - same issue here.

Same here. Nextcloud 20.0.2 to 20.0.3.

Same. NC 20.0.2 to 20.0.3.

Same here, did the update manually and it got better!

Basically is:

SERVERNAME Cloud 20.0.3

A new version is available: Nextcloud 20.0.3
All apps have an update for this version available
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Update: Now /settings/admin/overview shows: 20.0.2 up to date.

yes the update-server have a issue at the moment. just calmn down they will fix it. enough same reports here & in thread 19.0.6: Non-existing update? :slight_smile:

That’s clear example how dangerous it is to have strictly centalized software delivery. Why not using foss mirroring servers? Or releasing updates as torrents? It would be much more resilient to possible single server failure.

Of course, then NC-team would loose that “preferential treatment” power, deciding who gets new/updated sw first, who later, and who much-more later (like now: >2 month after nc20.x declared “stable” and proudly released, yet many users still did not get this update)…

same issue here…!
Annoying that it isn’t solved yet…

Same exact situation here.!


You can usually force the update with the beta channel if you don’t like the delay.

Thank you for the information. Update: The update server works again, now I have upgraded to 20.0.3 successfully.

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My Update just chrashed as well.

Update succeeded.
Before i reported here, the issue had been visible for a few days.
Apparently the distribution server can fail, publish invalid update info or inconsistent info without being noticed or acted on.