Upgrade 13->14: master key disabled

Upgraded from NC 13 to 14

I cannot change the passwords of my users any more.

Also a message pops up saying “Password change is disabled because the master key is disabled.”

What can i do without screwing up the file encryption?

Same problem, same question.

Well got the same problem … nothing in the logs and key still where they belong.

So fixed in 14.01 or are we ****** ?

Hi Guys.

What kind of encryption do you use? Server side encryption? In any case it is better to open a github issue with this kind of stuff.


https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/11212 is the github “ticket”

and in it

I’m getting this error too. Any idea how to fix this? I have the default encryption module app enabled.
Take a look at: #10630 and #10718

This does not seem to be a bug. You simply have to use the occ command to change users passwords since NC 14.

For example, you can use the command like:
occ encryption:recover-user username

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occ encryption:recover-user username gives me Recovery key is not enabled for: “username”

I just want to change my user passwords and create new users. And since the upgrade to 14 I cant do that :frowning:

Is there any solution?