Upgradding Hansson IT VM from 23.0.12 -> 25 (latest)

I have a Hassen Hansson IT VM running on a QNAP successfully for a few years. I’ve been really conservative with upgrades, and I’m now on 23.0.12 and would like to upgrade to the latest 25.x.x release (NOT 26, it’s too new for me). Is this possible? The cmdline script /var/scripts/update.sh seems to only want to go to 26.

How should I upgrade to 25 with this VM? I know the other system components (PHP, the deb packages, etc) are up to date because I just ran the minor version upgrade.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t get any answer, you spelled the name Hansson IT wrong.

@enoch85 is the person you are looking for.

I ended up solving this myself by moving manually upgrading with the NextCloud CLI.

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The menu script automatically upgrades to the latest minor version, and then asks you if you want to go to the latest major version (if it exist). You can answer no.

Try it out!

Also, you shouldn’t be so conservative. You can’t jump from 23 to 25 in just one go. You need to upgrade each major version separately. We recommend upgrading at least one time each 2 months.

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Agree that it does this, but I want to stop at 25. I don’t trust 26.x yet, it’s just been released and several apps do not yet support it.

In my case the upgrade script would get me to 23.latest, but not go to 24.latest. I think this is because 23 is unsupported because I waited to long.

Agree I should be better about keeping up-to-date with Nextcloud, but this is an at-home family use and I often forget about it.

In any case, I was able to upgrade manually 23 → 24 → 25 using the CLI upgrade built into Nextcloud.

As already mentioned, the menu script will do this:

Your Nextcloud is on version 24 and 25 is latest:

NC 24 → latest NC 24 (asking question: do you want to upgrade to next major? yes/no) → (you choose yes) NC 25. But it only works for 1 major version as you can’t skip any.

Your Nextcloud is on version 24 and 25 is latest:

NC 24 → latest NC 24 (asking question: do you want to upgrade to next major? yes/no) → (you choose no) it stays at latest NC 24.

Your Nextcloud is on version 23 and 26 is latest:

NC 23 → latest NC 23 → Checks latest major (which is 26) and stops here since you can’t upgrade beteeen multiple major versions at once.

Hope that makes it more clear. :slight_smile:

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Hey there, I’ve accidentally fallen behind on these updates, and can’t seem to get it unstuck, and I’m having this issue
Is there any way I can go from 25 to 26, then 26 to 27?

Yes there is:

It does make things clear, thanks. But still leaves me in a situation where it’s REALLY easy to get behind and update.sh won’t help. It just happened again. But I found a workaround!

I was on a not current 25. update.sh brought me to 25.10. Running it again, I was at 25.10 and 27.x is out and update.sh quits. What I want update.sh to do in this case is upgrade to the latest 26 version. But it won’t.

Looking at the code in github, I discovered I could do touch /tmp/nextmajor.version and that would cause update.sh to attempt and upgrade of my current version + 1. So I did that and it seems to have succeeded!

I’ll go ahead and try upgrading to 27 if the Nextcloud admin interface tells me all my apps are compatible.


thank you so much for posting this. Even though I have my updates set to automatic every week, somehow my Hansson VM missed a major version. this saved me the headache of doing everything manually