Upgrad MariaDB - general questionss

Hello, i like to upgrad my mariadb (at the moment Nextcloud means i should upgrade)
I like to upgrad from 10.1 to 10.5

I found the manual

My questions:
In the manual the commands starts with $

But I connect to my V-Server on Strato with putty / ssh - and it looks so:

Can i use the manual above or not?
I’m an newbie and i have at the moment little knowledge of the linux basics, but i want to get used to it.

Hi @stefan-franz

No. The $ sign does symbolize the prompt. It is a placeholder for what is displayed to you as: root@h2937523:~#.

Are you actualy on Ubuntu 18.04? If yes, just enter the commands without the $ sign. If no, find the apropriate guide for your OS.

Yes, my OS is Ubunto 18.04.5
Thank you

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