Updating V20.0.4 to 20.0.6 Error

Hello, I just attempted to update V20.0.4 to V20.0.6 and the download failed on the Delete old files section. and is now stuck and wont allow to retry,
after reboot it wont go past the first stage Check For Expected Files,

now i cannot access the login screen just has update in process.

any ideas on how to fix the issue,

Thank you much appreciated.

Installed from
tar -xvf nextcloud-20.0.4.tar.bz2
to /var/www/html

install manually Apache PHP and MYSQL database.
PHP V7.4.13
SQL V8.0.22
Apache 2.4.29

Data folder / data files saved on a separate hard drive. ( Nextcloud installed on SSD Files saved on HD)
running Ubuntu 18.04

everything has been running fine for over 2 months until attempting to update within web interface.

Thank you again for your help.

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