Updating to Nextcloud 15 on Debian stretch using NCP update?

NCP was loaded into a Debian Stretch server using curl. The NCP update is at 67.11 but does not update the Nextcloud to Nextcloud 15 saying there is nothing to update. Is this normal?

It is advisable to enable:
nc-autoupdate (auto update NCP)
nc-autoupdate-nc (auto update NC)

Current version of NCP is v1.4.1
which will update NC to 15.0.2 (if auto update is enabled)

Both have been set but it does not update


this second png is result even after update.

Could you share (thru pastbin or similar) content of:
ncp.log and ncp-report

I am not a linux/unix guru, what is best way to pull that info and what info needs to be redacted?

From terminal run:

sudo ncp-report


sudo cat /var/log/ncp.log

Ncp-report removes all sensitive data by default, so no redaction needed.