Updating to 22.2.6 not possible

Updater keeps running into strange problems when “backing up”. None of the solutions in the Forum (posted for prior versions) is helping.
Error-Message says something about “proxy error”.

Please provide me with a working version of the updater, that than creates a working (!) version of the updated next-cloud! I am using the so-called “stable” versions because I don’t want to fiddle around with installation and configuration issues created by the updater every single time I try to update the software. Do you even have QA in place before you call something “stable”?

This is VERY ANNOYING, especially as these problems keep coming up again and again and again. There are already hundreds of problems with the update process described and nobody seems to even care. Most solutions look like installer/updater broke stuff in the previous update that now keeps them from working. And no obvious way to get feedback back to the developers …

No they don’t have a QA in place.

That being said the web updater has never worked for me. Try using occ directly.

what do you mean by that? do you have a documentation for that?

Yes, you can find a lot of documentation on how to upgrade at docs.nextcloud.com:

I think at least I found a solution for this special problem: nextcloud keeps backups of all versions forever if you don’t manually delete them from time to time. This piled up to the point that my provider said: too many files (over 200000!) on your account and everything broke down.

Thought there would be a feature like “keep only x backups of older versions” somewhere in the config but could not find anything like that documented anywhere.

Meanwhile Updating to the next version breaks with undefined error (opened new issue)