Updating to 19.0.5

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my site nextcloud.povej.net

  1. updating from to 19.0.5
  2. checking all with https://scan.nextcloud.com/
  3. it shows I use until when I check in nextcloud settings I have 19.0.5*
  4. playing videos doesn’t work it frezze all the time, not possible to watch videos from gopro

The output of your Nextcloud log in Admin > Logging:


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Congratulations, you one of the users who haven’t triggered a re-scan of your server by just pressing the “trigger re-scan” button. I’ve justed pressed the button for you and now the correct information is displayed :wink:

I don’t know in which format a GoPro camera stores its videos, because you didn’t provide detailed information to investigate further. I would recommend to search the forum for related video postings which might cover your problem or open a new thread with a meaningful subject and detailed information about your environment, software versions and possible related logs to investigate further.

I have re scanned and retried in 3 differend browsers and I always get the same result
go pro use file format MP4
and here is one of videos, breaking all the time

Is the video playing normaly when you’re on the same network as your Nextcloud server ? I would go for a brandwith or a hardware problem.

Try watching it here -> https://cloud.steel-pc.fr/s/FYAaKKgE7EBqiH2

when I watch it on your link it is the same
locally this short video plays ok I will test long video

some other people tried and all say it frezze video
with 100/100 MBPS connection

I tried from another place and the video does freeze. I don’t have anything in nextloud logs when it happens but I do have this error when I use Firefox.

VIDEOJS: ERROR: (CODE:3 MEDIA_ERR_DECODE) The media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features your browser did not support.

Try this link https://cloud.steel-pc.fr/s/dZi72iknWkP54iw. it does not work on firefox (i get the same error) but does on chrome. I think your problem might be codec related.

when I try that I get error
here is another video much longer
it is also MP4 and not possible to watch it, because breaks all the time.
that should work in nextcloud
even if it is codec related that must work in nextcloud.