Updating to 13.0.2, frozen at "Downloading", no error displayed

Not getting error but this has been happening for 2 days.

It’s like its frozen.
everytime i reload the page i got sent back to the admin panel, and then i start the update again it got me straight to this page and the step between “Create backup” and “Downloading”.

anyway i can restart the whole thing?
I used a shared service with dedicated IP, i know there’s not much i can do but anything else i can try? I hv been using this for a year now and i dont want to switch back to OwnCloud.


In your nextcloud folder, there is a sub folder “updater”, which should contain the updater.log. Could you paste the last (useful) lines of that file here (or via pastebin or similar)?

there’s no updater.log file

only index.php and a updater.phar is there, is there sth wrong?

Oh, my bad; the updater.log can be found in the data directory. Can you have a look there? (for example /var/ncdata/updater.log)

Can you provide the output of
ls -al
for your nextcloud folder as well?

I think I don’t have access to the command line…

But here’s what I get from the updater.log in the data folder, might shed some light.

The text editor does not allow me to paste everything here so i hv the file paste on codepen here, since i dont know which lines are essentials:

Partof the log:

2018-05-01T10:08:03-0600 emwZTDUqSn [info] request to updater
2018-05-01T10:08:03-0600 emwZTDUqSn [info] currentStep()
2018-05-01T10:08:03-0600 emwZTDUqSn [info] show HTML page
2018-05-01T10:08:03-0600 emwZTDUqSn [info] current version: 12.0.3 build time: 2017-09-19T21:13:36+00:00 343a69569db0aec48bc99fd3b23da08a7791d82b
2018-05-01T10:08:03-0600 emwZTDUqSn [info] getUpdateServerResponse()
2018-05-01T10:08:03-0600 emwZTDUqSn [info] updaterServer: https://updates.nextcloud.org/updater_server/
2018-05-01T10:08:03-0600 emwZTDUqSn [info] releaseChannel: stable
2018-05-01T10:08:03-0600 emwZTDUqSn [info] internal version:
2018-05-01T10:08:03-0600 emwZTDUqSn [info] updateURL: https://updates.nextcloud.org/updater_server/?version=12x0x3x3xxxstablexx2017-09-19T21%3A13%3A36%2B00%3A00+343a69569db0aec48bc99fd3b23da08a7791d82bx5x6x32
2018-05-01T10:08:05-0600 emwZTDUqSn [info] getUpdateServerResponse response: Array
[version] =>
[versionstring] => Nextcloud 13.0.2
[url] => https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-13.0.2.zip
[web] => https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/13/admin_manual/maintenance/upgrade.html
[autoupdater] => 1
[eol] => 0
[signature] => LM7g6SaWxzArRLd++9sdk80UZw1mIzAaqEnH75YO3EBK7qF7xxVdvb7tnu9cipsr

Good morning,

Unfortunately that doesn’t say anything to me. I see no obvious problem in the log.
You might want to have a look at this thread and maybe one of their solutions helps you as well: