Updating OS within ncp vm


some weeks ago i managed to move my rpi3-installation to a vm which runs very well on a synology.
so now i wanted to run
sudo apt-get update and
sudo apt-get upgrade

from commandline
but system told me there was nothing to update…

i really can’t believe so since it has been weeks… and usually there are updates waiting…

so what’s the trick?

Commands should be ok.
What about the repos configured for apt?

good idea… how could i check which ones are configured on my vm-machine?

What kind of linux is inside your VM?

See directory “/etc/apt/…” and check config files.

its debian buster…

With ncp having unattended-upgrades enabled by default,
running apt update && upgrade is/should not needed.

i do have that enabled. but isn’t it only for security-patches?
i mean i do clearly remember that i had that enabled on my rpi as well and got really surprised when i once was running update && upgrade because it installed a real bunch of updates…

so again my question: does unattended upgrades work for all neccessary updates now? or does it only update security-fixes? (if it would work for all updates it would explain why there are no updates available right now :wink: )

Yes it does. The purpose of unattended-upgrades is to keep the computer current with the latest security (and other) updates automatically.

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perfect. thanks!