Updating Nextcloud stable from 17.0.5 to 18.0.3


So now that the “real” stable option to upgrade from 17 to 18 is available I wonder if nobody has any experience with it.
Let’s say I need to know quite for shure that this update works this should be the time to do it right?
Any users who did it at this stage?


No-one will give you any guaranty on anything, because every environment/system is different.

Due to the fact that you’re referring to v18(.0.3), which is out for nearly 3 month now, you can aspect that many systems have already been updated to that version. Use the search function of the forum to get an idea what can happen etc.

My recommendation is, follow the usual update rules, create backups of your configuration, data, database etc. and give it a try :wink:

Thanks j-ed for the advises which I appreciate of course and you are completely right.

Also you gave me the hint.
I was curious, why there is so many info to find about broken updates from 17 to 18 when the official stable update just these days came out.
And I don’t mean that 18 isn’t stable for months, I mean Update from 17 just recently was getting made available on stable. But since probably many couldn’t wait to that one, I am the only left who didn’t yet do it. :slight_smile:

Still I think that is the way it was meant to be…