Updating Nextcloud pi

Simple question: my next cloud is telling me that version 18.0.2 is available.
in NCP (the 4443 port) is telling me that the latest version is 18.0.1 version and that there is nothing to update!
That happened also frm 17 10 18 version.
I keep having a difference between the GUI interface and the NC interface…
anyone can give me an idea what is going on and what is best to do?
I guess one of the 2 is not telling me the truth… and I would be interested to know why.

both are telling you the truth.
since you need to differ between nextcloud server and nextcloudpi.
nextcloudpi is a tool for nextcloud server… helping rookies like me and you to get nextcloud server installed with sane safety settings and all in all pretty easy.

so nextcloud server is in the lead by telling you which version is the newest one. and if you’d give devs of ncp some time they would update ncp to a version where updating to v18.0.2 would be integrated and tested. so usually those updates are working most flawless. even with less problems than webupdater of nextcloud server. since ncp optimized their routines for ncp-users.

hope that helps clearing everything a bit for you… :wink:

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NextcloudPi maintains the most conservative release cycle available by thoroughly testing each release. If a release is broken, it might take until a further maintenance release resolves bugs, etc. to become available for ncp servers.

To update yourself at any time: all you do is manually enter the version number you desire (18.0.1) in nc-update section of website as opposed to remaining on their default release cycle.

Hope this helps.
Discussion of releases is at https://t.me/nextcloudpi

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