Updates.nextcloud.org port 443: Connection timed out

updates.nextcloud.org port 443: Connection timed out

When trying to install. The server seems to be unavailable indeed. I am doing the install remotely and I am unable to connect to the update server from several different internet connections.
I am getting this when running the updater.

$ sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar

Seems to be back up now

Got an error in ~owncloud/updater/index.php while migrating to nextcloud:

Verifying integrity

Could not do request to updater server: Failed to connect to updates.nextcloud.org port 443: Connection refused

I’ve checked downloaded nextcloud-12.0.12.zip (1KB instead of it’s real size 53M) in /data/updater-oc8fsunxne4t/downloads/ and there is a message in it:

We noticed that you request many releases once every hour which stressed our download server quite hard. We blocked access for you for now. To resolve the issue and maybe improve the download scripts you can reach out to the Nextcloud team.

WTF? I need to migrate from owncloud my only 1 instance!

Upd: anyway, i’ve tryed manual migration and it says to me that updating between minor versions are not supported…
I have owncloud 10.4.0…