Updates at all-inkl.com wonky

I just want to share that I always run into problems with updates with my Nextcloud in all-inkl.com Yes I know this might not be the perfect hoster. Yes I know hosting a nextcloud server is not for beginners. Still, I think this could all be a little smoother!?

I updated from 20.0.6 to 20.0.14 and then to 21.0.6

  • Sometimes it complains that /tmp/ should not be there, so I delete it, later it complains that /tmp/ is missing, so I create it.

  • The memory limit warning comes up again and again. I fixed it as described here Bekannte Probleme - (add to user.ini), as this seems to break update process (the verification gets stuck). Then after the update the memory limit warning is back again, so I need to fix it again. Why is it not persistent?

  • Multiple times the updater gets stuck in update process. There is no button to click, just the message “Step 5 is currently in process. Please reload this page later.” and then I have to delete /data/update-12345678/ via ftp.

  • Nextcloud got stuck in maintenance mode, had to disable maintenance mode via ftp.

  • A lot of tipps/solutions involve using the command line. As far as I know, I cannot use the command line with my all-inkl.com Nextcloud…

What are your thoughts on this?

my thoughts? there are so many good hosters out there… change your hoster. :wink:

Perhaps you can migrate to a VPS hoster with root access and command line. Also you can buy a Managed Nextcloud. In both cases you can find solutions for 5 euro a month.

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