Updater still offers 17.0.7, even beta channel does not show version 18 but "system is up to date"

Version 18 is out since January and I know that rollout is done step-by-step to the different installations.
However, I need to upgrade to version 18 before version 19 is shown and I am afraid of running into problems if I can not upgrade soon. I am running two different installations on totally different hosts and both show the same effect.
I want to avoid manual upgrades.

  • Why isn’t version 18 shown as an update?
  • Is there a way for using the updater even if no update is offered?
  • Is there any way for using the updater to automatically update to a specific version?

have you checked if your system meets neccessary system requirements?

thanks, that has been a helpful hint!

However, after updating one of the instances, what about using the updater to update to a specific version - is this possible?

if you’d do it manually by downloading the desired version, i think it’s possible