Updater Shows Up To Date

My Nextcloud instance shows that it’s up to date on version 27.1.5. I’m trying to upgrade to 28 and Nextcloud Hub 7. Should I be able to upgrade to version 28 via the web UI?

PHP Version: 8.1.17
MySQL Version: 10.5.18

I assume, despite the lack of information, that this is displayed in the web frontend under settings/admin/overview.

You can upgrade to NC28/Hub 7 → using the command line based updater ←

You can upgrade with the web UI, after you switched the channel to “Beta”, and refreshed the page.

Don’t forget to switch it back to “Stable” after upgrade.

Much luck,

Ah that’s what I was trying to figure out. I thought NC28/Hub 7 were in the stable channel already.

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