Updater Problem/ Crash

i have 2 Problems
I use nextcloud for about 6 months and I like it.
For 1 month I have a big problem. Nextcloud often crashed.
I host a Server at the German Company “Strato”.
Sometimes the server is perfectly running but nextcloud didn’t work and I must restart the server.
It’s really annoying.

My Server specs:
CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2630 0 @ 2.30GHz (4 core(s))
Version: Plesk Obsidian v18.0.26_build1800200410.18 os_Ubuntu 18.04
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
4GB Ram

I installed Nextcloud through Plesk.

My second problem is that I can’t update to Nextcloud 18.0.3.
At the moment I have Version 18.0.1 installed.
When I start the updater, this appears:

Check for expected files
The following extra files have been found:


my domain is: ksconnect.de/cloud

Thank you for helping


What does it mean ?

Just make a backup of your extra files elsewhere and delete them. Then, try to update.

Good luck :wink:

Sometimes the nextcloud server doesn’t start or just crash.
Often it happens in the morning.
I try to login onto nextcloud but it cant make a connection.

Do you know where I can find these files?
I cant find them.

Thank you for your answer

On plesk, you have a “file” on the left side menu. And after you can select files of your NextCloud site. It’s ok ?