Updater offers v18.0.3 - But no announcement and no entry in changelog


my Nextcloud shows me available update v18.0.3


But where is the announcement?

Changelog at https://nextcloud.com/changelog/ does not contain a section about it.

GitHub has no releases at https://github.com/nextcloud/server/releases

Does anyone knows details?

Its look like a mistake, because when you download the daily version, this one still on 8.0.2.
I did the update, but it doesnt look like finisht as stable.

@jospoortvliet Could you shed some light, please? :slight_smile:

On Github there was a comment about 18.0.3 being a security update:

Therefor I just installed it on my prod system :open_mouth:
I hope that was not a mistake.

Yepp that process must be improved. 18.0.3 is a security release shipping https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/20127.

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