Updater not working

I’m currently running Nextcloud 19.0.2 and when I try to use the web-gui to upgrade to 19.0.8 it jumps straight to this page with a complete set of green ticks.

Clicking on the “Continue Update button” just brings up the “Go back to your Nextcloud instance to finish the update” button. Clicking on that then just takes me back to my Nextcloud desktop screen without the update being applied.

It feels like there is a flag incorrectly set somewhere indicating the install has been downloaded and completed successfully. I am certainly no expert through and this is a guess.

Can anyone advise where I should start looking?

Many thanks,



A litlle more info on your platform, is it a docker, OS and type info would be helpful for the folks here to help you.

This is what I do:

I’m on version 20 and don’t use the update service that you are trying to use anymore. It has never worked very well.
I haven’t had this particular challenge and had many problems with timeouts etc.

I use the routine that is behind the system update gui.

I am on Unraid with the NC docker from linuxserver running on a Dell R710 and this works for me:

  1. Get a system terminal prompt.
  2. Enter: docker exec -it nextcloud bash
  3. Enter: sudo -u abc php /config/www/nextcloud/updater/updater.phar
  4. Enter: Should the “occ upgrade” command be executed? [Y/n] Y - process upgrade
  5. Enter: Keep maintenance mode active? [y/N] N - Do not keep active
  6. Enter: exit
  7. Enter: docker restart nextcloud

This works for me everytime.

I hope this helps…



Thanks for the help Toolmanz.

I am also using Unraid with the NC docker from linuxserver but I am running it on a DIY home server. I don’t have much experience with command line and terminal promts but I’ll give your process a go when I’m back from work.

I’ve had several issues since a failed update to version 20. I had to do a roll back to 19.0.2 and it hasn’t been completely happy since.

Fingers crossed the terminal upgrade process works.