Updater Doesn't Appear? Trying to update to NC13

Hi -

I’m new to Nextcloud (and open source/Linux for that matter). I have NC12 installed successfully on Ubuntu. All I am trying to do is update to NC13 per the instructions found on this link:


However, I don’t receive any notification that there is a new version of NC and cannot find the updater anywhere in the instance. I’ve looked all over the site and manual, and the updater simply does not appear. Per the link above, I should be able to see the updater button under ‘Version’. See the screenshot below:

Can anyone help me figure out how to get the updater to show up? Notifications are enabled.

do you have the docker or snap-version installed?

Hi - thanks for being willing to help out - I downloaded NC with snap.

ok i then anticipate that you have installed this version (snap) as well… as it would be the solving answer on your question from above:
you can’t update your instance yourself using snap (or docker). you need to wait for the maintainers doing that for you - which could take a bit of time.
advantage for you: you don’t need to do anything since it’s gonna be updated automatically - for you.

if you wouldn’t mind it would be nice if you could close this issue by marking this (my) answer as the solution :smiley: