Updater does not show version 20

My updater shows 19.0.4
version is up to date

When I change the Update Channel to Beta it shows:


How to get the latest updates to 20.0?

Update to the 19.05 first. Then it will likely offer the 20.x

plus this info, as usual (and written dozens of times in this forum already): delivery of upgrades comes in waves.
last time it took until x.0.2-version to be shown in my stable updater.

so where’s the problem? can’t wait? - well in this case do upgrade on your own responsibilty (and take backups) usig beta-channel.

if nc20 wouldn’t show up in beta then your instance might face compability problems with the new version. you better check recommendations for running nc 20 and compare them with your setup.

pls search the forum before asking again already answered questions.

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