Updater channels and NC11 upgrade

Current version NC10.03 on Ubunut 16.04, upgraded from 10.02 with the updater app.

With the updater set to either production or stable, it reports as being on the latest version; selecting beta offers NC11.01.

(i) what’s the difference between production and stable? Is stable just production version n-1? The other way around?

(ii) when will NC11 be considered production or stable, whichever comes first?

(iii) should this info be outlined in the admin UI, or linked from there so Dummköpfe like me don’t have to ask?

Haha, I thought nc 11 is listed under stable already long time ago as it is propagated on so much places already. I upgraded early so can’t check that anymore.

Can anybody confirm that it just shows up on beta channel? This should be changed in case I think?

There is the info :slight_smile:.

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