Updater App does not find new version

Hey everyone,

I am currently running Nextcloud 12.0.5 and would like to update to NC13. Unfortunately the updater continues announcing to me, regardless of which channel I choose, that I am running the latest version.
I believe my configuration is pretty standard, so I’d love to get any pointers as to where the issue might be.


Note that after switching channel you should really reload the page. Also, there is a cache for this that can take some hours to empty, not sure exactly if/how you can force it.

I suggest to change to ‘beta’, and check again tomorrow.

Wow, that worked like a charm, thanks for that! I was under the impression it already checked, as it said “Channel updated”…

However now it tells me all updating steps are already completed (Little green arrows all the way down the list) and simply skips doing anything. What is that all about?

Much appreciated :blush:

Now that’s rather odd - you’re saying it doesn’t work at all? No update is executed?

What I get to see is the following: Any chance there is a config file where I can simply reset it? Haven’t found it yet :smiley:

either you need to go to the starting page of your instance or run the occ:upgrade command from the shell

Well, that is just the issue, Nextcloud believes it has already downloaded the new version and completed the entire upgrade process, so it wont start from the beginning. However it must store that somewhere, right?

Resolved: Deleting the .step file from the last upgrade resets the upgrade process

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