Updated to ver15 but uploading very slow?


About the subject,
On day before yesterday I installed NC15 into new VPS server (CentOS7, 8GB Memory).
And evaluating every function that i filled in NC13 that working on service currently.
Almost functions now working fine. Additionally i installed ONLYOFFICE application. this also works fine. OnlyOffice was installed another DNS, another server. connected success. working fine.
OnlyOffice with NextCloud will bring revolution of working flow on our daily work.

But only one thing and fatal is that compared to NC13,
Uploading file is very very slow.
I struggled a few days on this problem. and not solved now.
I installed and applied same as NC13 as following.

  1. redis configuration.
  2. Opache
  3. APcu
  4. MySQL transaction-isolation to READ-COMMITED
  5. cron background job.

New server’s network speed is probably same fast as current.
(inbound, outboud)
There is no fatal warning in nextcloud.log.

Is there any reason ???
What should I inspect further nore ???

Finally, the problem solved.
I miss configured anti virus execution.
I changed the mode from execution to daemon(socket).
Now fast i can enjoy uploading.