Updated from to 13 via the updater, now getting "This site can't be reached"

Hello everyone.

I just updated from to 13 via the updater. Nexcloud is (was) running on my QNAP TS-453A NAS.

The update took about 4 minutes and everything seemed to check out.

Now when I try to access my Nextcloud I get “This site can’t be reached” error in the browser.

When I look in the config.php file most of the info is correct except that it still shows version as

Is there something else I am supposed to do? Remove setup files or make changes to some file(s)? Bummed to have gone from a perfectly working Nextcloud to unreachable in a 4-minute span. :frowning:

I‘ve had the same problem after updating to 12.0.5 from 12.0.4. In my case a reboot of the server fixed it. After the reboot the server was updated as expected.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Unfortunately, that didn’t resolve the issue.
This happened from 11 to 12 as well and I just scrapped it and left Nextcloud behind. I decided to give it a go again with 13 and the install was successful if not easy. I started over from scratch twice to get passed all of the errors. I had a bad feeling about updating this time around. Should have left it alone.

Looks like I may have to do everything from ground zero again. It gets really tedious. :frowning_face:

Wish there was a one-click install qpkg like Owncloud has.

Did you try updating manualy over existing installation?

The issue definitely has something to do with the config file. In any instance of Nextcloud (original 12.0.3, updater v13.0.0, or manual update 13.0.1) when I have my config file in place I get the error. When I delete the config file I access the NC setup page.

I get all the way through the setup and get the app update page. Then everything stalls and I am back to “This site can’t be reached”

I wonder what in my config file causes it to break between updates? Am I supposed to add any text or delete any setup files?

This my config file (you can assume the latest version) The rest is the same from version to version.
Anything stand out?