Update with encryption enabled?


I’m running a server with the Encryption app enabled, in other words all my files are encrypted. Current version is 11.0.3 and want to upgrade to 12.0.2.

What I’m afraid of is going to happen is that something will happen during the upgrade making all my files unsuable. So, anyone with experience in upgrading Nextcloud while Encryption enabled?

I have around 100 users, and it would be a disaster if something broke.

Thank you for your time.

@bjoern and others.

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I of course cannot guarantee anything, that nothing is going to happen, but for me at least, my upgrade path went with encryption from OC 10.X over NC 11.X to NC 12.X without any issues.

Hope this helps you to make a decision.

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Thanks! Your answer makes me a bit more confident.

I did an upgrade a few versions back with encryption enabled and honestly didn’t even consider repercussions since I had a backup of the whole install, plus the encryption keys stored separately.

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It was a serious problem in the very old days (OC 8.0-8.2) when encryption was changed two times. I don’t think this is the case anymore.

Still, do a full backup of everything (database + all files and especially the encryption keys), just to be sure. Recovering from a failure of an encrypted system (be it Nextcloud data or LVM or any other technology) is basically impossible, if something goes seriously wrong. But this applies to non-encrypted data too…

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Thanks guys.

Yeah I remember the ownCloud days… Terrible. Already lost my data once because of that back in 2013.

So snapshot it is, the just do it and cross my fingers.