Update to v19 stable?

since 19.0 stable is out, I like to update but the build in update does not offer v19 – is there any way I can motivate the updater run the v19 stable update?
Thanks a lot

hey @Bushveld

with every major update there are always the same questions, in a way :slight_smile:
so, in general, pls check the forum first if there was already a similar question before posting a new variation of an already asked question :wink:

to quickly answer your questions:

  • is nc 19.0.0 stable? yes. by definition. devs think it is ready to release and thus they are doing that…
  • why isn’t it suggested to you so far? it’s a release in waves. as always.
  • how could you persuade your instance to offer new version to you. though? switch to beta channel for a short while. it should be offered to you within short. after installing don’t forgt to switch back to stable.

and whatever you do: don’t forget to take backups!

good luck

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