Update to NC22 channel `stable`


I know this comes up with every release of NC but the way I understand it still seems to be wrong.

I thought that the update is rolled out in portions and not before the release of a first minor version, but we are now on NC22.1.1. And the first version was released more than two month ago.

Has the updater (web or command line) suggested an update to NC22 to anyone of you when on stable channel? I’m on NC21.0.4.

Or is NC22 still considered beta until the release of a first NC23 version?


There are people who certainly do consider that, regardless of what status Nextcloud assigns to it. :wink: I think Nextcloud releases a little bit too often and often too early… In many cases it could be better to stay on an older version longer, except you absolutly need a new feature that was announced for the new version. What you always should check with every major version upgrade before you actually hit the Upgrade button, is whether all the apps you are using are compatible with the new version.

Anyways… This is a topic in itself :wink:

If you want to update immediately, you can change the channel to beta. When version 21.1.1 is presented to you, you will actualy get the current stable release. After the upgrade just switch back to the stable channel.


I got 22.1.1 and I am on release channel. I do not know when I got it but it was several days ago. I use the web updater and NC is running in docker.


I’m on 21.0.4, also release channel. No update is provided. Last update-check was today (9.09.21)

Docker still shows the current stable release to be 21.0.4, I tried to upgrade to NC 22 last weekend, and immediately regretted the decision, the upgrade page showed that about 50% of what I was running in my current environment was not currently compatible with NC 22, Maria DB still has to stay downgraded as well from current version as NC doesn’t support the “COMPRESS” feature. I was bummed because I was looking forward to some of the new announced features of NC 22. I believe that NC 22 is still very much Beta and will let the developers continue to built it into a stable platform.

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sorry folks, this very topic has been discussed in and out here on the forum.
either staged rollout or not coming up in stable channel.

Hence I’m gonna close this topic pretty soon

I know that. Was just curious if there is something going on currently because (at least in my memory) I never got the stable release so late.

Thanks also for the hint of the others about the problems with Maria DB

I second that. I learned the hard way as you did. I decided to update to 22 just to find that the featured app ‘groupfolders’ was still in beta for 22. On top of that, discovered that developers of that app have a lot of issues to solve even on the 21. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing the app. On the contrary, I congratulate them, as they are very active to solve the app’s problems. It is only natural that each [featured] app has a specific battle, so this perhaps come into play when we receive the update.

While I was at it, I tried to update to PHP8, but I had a lot of issues and found little information yet on how to properly do the transition [I am sure someone will say it is dead easy below], despite the fact that 7.4 is hitting its end of life next year.

In summary, I will just relax and enjoy the outdated but supported versions to give some overhead as the releases of each piece are not synced.

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Yes run 10.5 and rebuild and you will be fine. Please see details about 10.6 in NC
Issue #25436

…and if you’re installed from a snap, get ready for your installation to get BORKED

I found this (by searching the forum, sorry @JimmyKater :wink: ) :

'21.0.4' => [
			'30' => [
				'latest' => '22.1.1',

So 30% of requests get an update from 21.0.4 to 22.1.1.

According to your comments I will update my home server (quite simple config) as soon as it will be suggested and on the work server (groupfolders app, etc.) I will wait a little bit longer (Despite we would like to have the feature to book ressources).

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Off Topic

Hallo Jochen,

dann würde ich aufjedenfall die Nextcloud 21 Installieren und warte bis die 23er Version rauskommt.

Viele Grüße

Ahmed Maazouzi

This is my only real complaint about all the various server applications using “plugin” technology vs. writing features directly into their software. I appreciate the flexibility of adding only the features you need as everyone’s installations are unique. But “down the road” upgrades have become IT nightmares along with the issues of being able to continue offering your users capabilities when someone decides to drop a plug-in project and it is no longer available. It would be nice if there was some type of framework, modularity or version control that would allow you to “freeze” a portion of the master code that said “ok, these plugins or features meet the version 20 master framework” and you could freeze that portion of the code and that plugin would continue to work in perpetuity regardless of what changes were made to the master framework down the road. I know, I know… :slight_smile:

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