Update to NC 24 gets aborted

The update runs smooth until the point the apps get updated. It updates all apps just not the notify_push app. The logs say it can’t be downloaded and the update gets aborted.
Has anyone also that issue and found a good solution?
The ncp version is 1.49 running on a Debian VM.
It doesn’t work either when the notifications app is deactivated.

if you’re doing your update RIGHT NOW it could happen that NC-appstore isn’t really reachable since NC announced a bigger update on it during this time.

So I’d suggest to maybe wait some more hours and try it again. Maybe after checking on apps.nextcloud.com for responding

Thanks Jimmy,
this morning it was still reachable. Anyway I will try it again later.
Maybe this could also be a trail: Upgrade to 24.0.4 failed - #5 by SwampHenge

It was really the app store issue.
Tried it again after downtime and it was successfull.

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