Update to Desktop Client 3.0 deleted Folder syncs

I updated from 2.6.5 to 3.0.1 (Windows). After the update all configured folder syncs - except one - were gone. Also it did a complete sync of all files.

Did someone else experience the same issue?

Edit: I added one folder sync again and now it crashes on startup. I removed the client and installed 2.6.5 again and it also crashes.

Maybe something with your config file is not ok. Please have a look at it.

For the records:
Updated four clients (2 win + 2 mac) without trouble.

I had a look at the config file but as I don’t know how it should look like it’s a bit hard to tell if there’s something wrong.

I deleted the whole config and could start at least from scrath so the client does not crash.

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You’re not alone. Had the same issue. All folders vanished from the client but one. I went back to 2.6.x because of this.
Later I read that when you change one file in each missing folder the sync is triggered and the folders magically reappear in the client. Looks like a bug to me.

Please check for existing issues at GitHub or file one

Same issue here. I lost several shares. I took AlfredSK’s observation (thanks!) and modified a file in each lost-shared folder. I had to exit NC client and restart to get the shares to reappear.

I had five sync folders set up before, after the upgrade (I skipped 3.0 and went from 2.whatever to 3.0.1) there was just one left. Oddly enough, after I quit the client, and started it up again, there were two folders. Once more through the quit/start cycle brought me to three sync folders.
Then things went off the rails as I had added one folder back manually, and ended up with duplicates… but still, if you’re faced with this issue, try quitting and restarting a couple of times!

Same here after upgrading from 2.6.? to 3.0.1.

Synced folder reappeared after adding a file in each and reboot windows…

Did the same. Deleted config file, re-installed nc client, but folder syncs keep dissappearing.