Update to 3.0.2 deleted large amounts of files!

Just wanted to mention this very unpleasant experience.

For some reason when updating the client on my windows machine several folders where deleted from my webserver without warning. They ended up in the trash but I think some where removed from the trash after I ran out of disk space.

It took a long time to figure out what was affected and not. Thank god I have a cloud backup on S3. However it took a lot of time and it was expensive to recover Glacier data.

I love nextcloud but something similar happend in the past on a smaller scale (some time ago). I wanted to mention this issue because it is quite severe in my opinion.

Don’t know where the culprit lies. I have a laptop (osx) and workstation (windows). Both have the client. Perhaps there was a conflict at some point… don’t know…

Luckily you had a backup. Such issues are hard to track and reproduce, so if you still have logfiles, this can be helpful. Also you configuration (external storage), which NC version are you using, is there something in common with these files (shared files, older files or newer once, E2E encryption), …