Update to 25.05

the web front end shows a pop-up:

Nextcloud wird auf Version 25.0.5 aktualisiert

and recommends … ./occ upgrade

Doing this in terminal results in “Nextcloud is already latest version”

Any idea, how to get access to weblogin / NC on web?

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I’m facing a similar issue. I am stuck on v24.0.10 despite having the latest Docker container that should be v26.

Did you already trigger the update? The upgrade command should only be ran after the
update (Phase I) takes place.


To update/upgrade NC in the community Docker it’s unnecessary to use the built-in web updater. Instead do a docker compose pull

Unless you’ve regularly updated your container you’re not running a newer image.

What solved it for me was running docker exec -it Nextcloud updater.phar. This triggers the CLI update tool. Though updating should also work via the web UI, this approach is much better as it shows you all the detail of what is going on and which step it might be stuck on.

In my case, it didn’t show the update button in the web UI so I had to run updater.phar manually a handful of times, each time it would upgrade one step closer to 26.0.4.

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