Update to 23 not shown - 22.2.3 still up2date!?

Hi All,

Checking if the behavior of my NC is “normal” or something’s wrong. I saw that the NC23 is out since last November but my installation still claims NC22.2.3 is the most recent one.

Running on ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Thanks for your thoughts!


I have the same issue using Debian Bullseye on Rpi 4. I have a notification as well that says “The update server could not be reached since 3 days to check for new updates”


If you are using snap version, then indeed 22.2.3-snap3 is the latest snap version available.

You may read here → question: roadmap / plans about nextcloud 23 version bumping · Issue #1965 · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap (github.com)


We have multiple installations in different countries which all seem to have the same message of the update server could not be reached. Presumably a system-wide problem that will get resolved shortly.

Same issue with me … our cluster is not a snap based installation and we also get “The update server could not be reached since 3 days to check for new updates” and no any other messages in the logs

Hi All,

Thanks for your responses. Not using snap here, it’s a native install on Ubuntu. Also got the message on the update server „not reachable“ yesterday. However, when trying the update via CLI there is no error message but a message that my install is up2date…

afaik t least one VM-provider had drawn back the release of 23.0.0 due to some nagging glitches. Maybe NC did the same?

But as I read on the forum devs are already betatesting NC23.0.1 - so you might wanna stay tuned for the release of that one which was “due” on 20 jan 22… (so they still seem to be working on it, though) – Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub

It shouldn’t take any much longer until the next releases