Update to 20.0.2 failed when removing old files (Unraid)

Well, I got brave and attempted to do a WebUI update to 20.0.2.

Overall, everything looked good when it got to the part to remove the old file, and then it borked. Now, when I try to visit my Nextcloud install, I get an Update in process. screen and I’m not quite sure what to do next.

Since I’m running this on Unraid in a Docker container, some of the file paths are different from some of the docs that I’ve read thus far, so I’m posting up in the forum now.

Here’s part of my updater.log file that I was able to find (I’ve truncated some of the lengthy bits):

    [version] =>
    [versionstring] => Nextcloud 20.0.2
    [url] => https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-20.0.2.zip
    [web] => https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/20/admin_manual/maintenance/upgrade.html
    [changes] => https://updates.nextcloud.com/changelog_server/?version=20.0.2
    [autoupdater] => 1
    [eol] => 0
    [signature] => xgmY..........

2020-12-03T05:53:23-0800 FAaBFtRmRc [info] storage location: /data/updater-oc1njrc8xdyx/downloads/
2020-12-03T05:53:24-0800 FAaBFtRmRc [info] end of verifyIntegrity()
2020-12-03T05:53:24-0800 FAaBFtRmRc [info] endStep("5")
2020-12-03T05:53:24-0800 byLj0jaHlF [info] request to updater
2020-12-03T05:53:24-0800 byLj0jaHlF [info] currentStep()
2020-12-03T05:53:24-0800 byLj0jaHlF [info] Step 5 is in state "end".
2020-12-03T05:53:24-0800 byLj0jaHlF [info] POST request for step "6"
2020-12-03T05:53:24-0800 byLj0jaHlF [info] startStep("6")
2020-12-03T05:53:24-0800 byLj0jaHlF [info] extractDownload()
2020-12-03T05:53:24-0800 byLj0jaHlF [info] storage location: /data/updater-oc1njrc8xdyx/downloads/
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 byLj0jaHlF [info] end of extractDownload()
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 byLj0jaHlF [info] endStep("6")
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 TCL3gJy1r2 [info] request to updater
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 TCL3gJy1r2 [info] currentStep()
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 TCL3gJy1r2 [info] Step 6 is in state "end".
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 TCL3gJy1r2 [info] POST request for step "7"
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 TCL3gJy1r2 [info] startStep("7")
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 TCL3gJy1r2 [info] setMaintenanceMode("true")
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 TCL3gJy1r2 [info] configFileName /config/www/nextcloud/updater/../config/config.php
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 TCL3gJy1r2 [info] end of setMaintenanceMode()
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 TCL3gJy1r2 [info] endStep("7")
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] request to updater
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] currentStep()
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] Step 7 is in state "end".
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] POST request for step "8"
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] startStep("8")
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] replaceEntryPoints()
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] replace index.php
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] replace status.php
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] replace remote.php
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] replace public.php
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] replace ocs/v1.php
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] replace ocs/v2.php
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] end of replaceEntryPoints()
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 BmyngBRD7t [info] endStep("8")
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [info] request to updater
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [info] currentStep()
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [info] Step 8 is in state "end".
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [info] POST request for step "9"
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [info] startStep("9")
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [info] deleteOldFiles()
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [error] POST request failed with other exception
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [error] Exception: Exception
Message: Could not rmdir /config/www/nextcloud/updater/../apps/accessibility
#0 /config/www/nextcloud/updater/index.php(922): Updater->recursiveDelete('/config/www/nex...')
#1 /config/www/nextcloud/updater/index.php(1363): Updater->deleteOldFiles()
#2 {main}

2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [info] rollbackChanges("9")
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [info] unlink .step
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [info] rollbackChanges - step >= 7
2020-12-03T05:53:42-0800 UUB0q7i7g8 [info] end of  rollbackChanges()
2020-12-03T05:53:48-0800 zIoKcqVEuE [info] request to updater
2020-12-03T05:53:48-0800 zIoKcqVEuE [info] currentStep()
2020-12-03T05:53:48-0800 zIoKcqVEuE [info] POST request for step "9"
2020-12-03T05:53:48-0800 zIoKcqVEuE [info] startStep("9")
2020-12-03T05:53:48-0800 zIoKcqVEuE [info] deleteOldFiles()
2020-12-03T05:53:49-0800 zIoKcqVEuE [error] POST request failed with other exception
2020-12-03T05:53:49-0800 zIoKcqVEuE [error] Exception: Exception
Message: Could not rmdir /config/www/nextcloud/updater/../apps/activity
#0 /config/www/nextcloud/updater/index.php(922): Updater->recursiveDelete('/config/www/nex...')
#1 /config/www/nextcloud/updater/index.php(1363): Updater->deleteOldFiles()
#2 {main}

2020-12-03T05:53:49-0800 zIoKcqVEuE [info] rollbackChanges("9")
2020-12-03T05:53:49-0800 zIoKcqVEuE [info] unlink .step
2020-12-03T05:53:49-0800 zIoKcqVEuE [info] rollbackChanges - step >= 7
2020-12-03T05:53:49-0800 zIoKcqVEuE [info] end of  rollbackChanges()
2020-12-03T05:53:51-0800 AZSS0ZDh5S [info] request to updater
2020-12-03T05:53:51-0800 AZSS0ZDh5S [info] currentStep()
2020-12-03T05:53:51-0800 AZSS0ZDh5S [info] POST request for step "9"
2020-12-03T05:53:51-0800 AZSS0ZDh5S [info] startStep("9")
2020-12-03T05:53:51-0800 AZSS0ZDh5S [info] deleteOldFiles()
2020-12-03T05:53:52-0800 AZSS0ZDh5S [error] POST request failed with other exception
2020-12-03T05:53:52-0800 AZSS0ZDh5S [error] Exception: Exception
Message: Could not rmdir /config/www/nextcloud/updater/../apps/admin_audit
#0 /config/www/nextcloud/updater/index.php(922): Updater->recursiveDelete('/config/www/nex...')
#1 /config/www/nextcloud/updater/index.php(1363): Updater->deleteOldFiles()
#2 {main}

2020-12-03T05:53:52-0800 AZSS0ZDh5S [info] rollbackChanges("9")
2020-12-03T05:53:52-0800 AZSS0ZDh5S [info] unlink .step
2020-12-03T05:53:52-0800 AZSS0ZDh5S [info] rollbackChanges - step >= 7
2020-12-03T05:53:52-0800 AZSS0ZDh5S [info] end of  rollbackChanges()

I can see that is gets hung up on the Could not rmdir /config/www/nextcloud/updater/../apps/admin_audit part which explains the overall error/issue with the deleting of the older files, and I can see the /data/updater-oc1njrc8xdyx/downloads/ files and some other items but I guess what’s the best way to get this to kick off again and proceed with the update and/or best way to go about it? Again, it’s on Unraid so I’m not 100% if there is any other specific way to get it to update manually if possible through the CLI.

Also, do I need to just remove the occ file in /nextcloud/updater-oc1njrc8xdyx/downloads/nextcloud directory to at least get rid of the Update in process. at all? Not sure if that will fix anything either for the time being.

Anyways, any help is appreciated, thanks!

I am in the same boat now. Were you able to find a remedy for this error.