Update to 15.0.07 error message

I am trying to update from 15.0.06 to 15.0.07 and get the following error message:

  • Extracting

Error during unpacking zipfile: No error

after clicking retry update I get:

  • Extracting

Not exact 3 files existent in folder

clicking retry update again gives me:

  • Extracting

Could not write to .step

clicking again does not change anything

Oh and … exciting … after that it sometimes happens that my config.php is not readable anymore

  • Extracting

Parsing response failed. Could not read data directory from config.php.

On opening my nextcloud I do get a window to setup everything from scratch (which makes me look for my backup)


Are you running the upgrade as the same user that is used by the web server? This is important. On a Debian/Ubuntu system that would be:

cd /var/www/nextcloud/updater
sudo -u www-data php updater.phar

If you are using the web updater, make sure all files in your nextcloud directory are owned by www-data (or whatever the user is for Apache/nginx)

thanks for your answer.
Yes - I am using the web updater. Since I installed everything with the web installer and updated everything with the updater I guess all files will be owned by www-data. I would also not know how to check or change that in case that was the problem.

It sounds like editing/uploading files with ftp might cause problems (had been playing around with that before but restored a backup afterwards)


So you don’t have shell access? For me, that’s absolutely required to run software on a server.

Also by ftp you can mess up file permissions and ownership, depending on the user that logs on to ftp.

If you can ftp to your server, can’t you ssh into it to get shell access? In Windows you would need the putty program for ssh. Ask your provider about the options.

OK … it is nice for you to have shell access …

I am using Nextcloud for a couple of years and do not have shell access. My provider has an install script so that I assume there are quite some people who use it the way I do (and not only my providers customers). It usually works even I agree - shell is nicer but definitely not free and not without extra work. ssh and ftp are completely differnt price ranges … I pay around 60Euro/a für 10GB incl. 5 Domain registrations and lots of nice features. Don’t think you can get ssh for that price.

yes - with ftp I mean messing up with ownership of files and the like.

If this here does not lead to something I can ask my provider to help me read the server logs. I am pretty surprised that I am the only one having issues like that.

Same Issue here for me.

Same for me on IONOS shared hosting… and after several web updater years, I cannot found solutions for this 15.0.7 update from now:fearful:

After a retry again now I’ve the following message: Parsing response failed. Step 6 is currently in process. Please reload this page later.

After several code/files workaround tries without quick success, manual upgrade was the only solution to migrate to 15.0.7 release…

what do you mean by: manual upgrade?

BTW: tried again and now it worked (after the usual first failed backup and deleted .step)

same issue this time - trying to update to 16.0.1

In my case, the error was gone after I deleted previous update backups.

My webspace was simply full.