Update to 13.0.2



Hi, the upgrade process from 13.0.1 --> 13.0.2 worked like a charm and was finished within 2 minutes!

Many thanks for the great Job! Well done ! I like it like this !

regards, hitam4450


Update failed for me During download process. Stuck in maintenance mode. Will have to fix that after work today :frowning:️.


I’ve upgraded all my Systems (x86_64 and armv7hl (Fedora and CentOS) to 13.0.2 very easy.

thanks to the developer.



the update works as a charme, like the last ones.

Thanks to all.




I turned maintenance mode off and update was successful thank you! :grinning::grinning:


I can not update per webinterface. After cklicking on “open updater” I only get a white empty window … Anybody with the same issue?

Update: On another instance everything worked fine. And I was able to update with the console.


Same here, no problem at all. Good work.


My upgrade went very, very, well. I know things can happen and I know we are dealing with Hardware and Software. If it not a hardware issues it a software issue. But when everything does come together you have next cloud. Great job on the upgrade my Ubuntu Server when perfect.



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