Update stuck on Webhoster

I tried to update nextlcoud, but it seems to be stuck: “Step 6 is currently in process. Please reload this page later.”
Unfortunatly I am using a webhoster…but I imagine, there is a possiblity to change some config, to get the udpate process interrupted and start over?

Help appreciated.

Step 6 is the extraction step.

Please check your updater.log to see why it may be failing.

You may want to run the Updater in command-line mode, since it’s possible you’re hitting a web server time out something: Upgrade via built-in updater — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

You can force a restart from scratch if desired as long as the current step is >=7 (in your case it obviously is; just mentioning for future readers).

P.S. In >=v28 there that message is a bit longer and provides a hint where to find your local .step file.