Update process stuck on 'Delete old files'

Hello Nextcloud developers,

Today I tried to upgrade Nextcloud from version 2.2.0 to 2.2.3 but when I started the upgrade process the process got stuck on the step ‘Delete old files’. When I now try to access the interface I get the message ‘Update in process’.


  1. How can restore the interface?
    Is there some boolean that I have to turn of or on? Or do I have to the delete the directory with the downloaded files (which directory)?
  2. How can I repair the update process?
    I looked in the log files of Apache but didn’t find anything meaningfully.
    Before the update I turned off SELinux.

Nextcloud version: 2.2.0
Operating system and version: RHEL 8.4
Apache: 2.4.37
PHP version: 7.4.26
Zend Engine: 3.4.0
Zend OPcache: 7.4.26

Thanks in advance!

I did a manual upgrade and I can now access the interface again.
If somebody wants to know what I have done, the steps that I followed, can be found here.