Update Nextcloud

Ich versteh das nicht so ganz. Installiert habe ich die Version 10.0.1 das ich ein Update angeboten bekomme auf die Version 10.0.2 ist verständlich, aber warum sagt mir die Notify das ich auf updaten soll ?

I also have this question: What is the connection between Owncloud version numbers and those of Nextcloud? Is the upgrade notice to Owncloud 9.1.2 also the same as the upgrade to Nextcloud 10.0.2? Perhaps Next and Own need to synchronize their version numbers to avoid this confusion.

I wouldn’t count on that :slight_smile:
Probably the last remnants of OC that need mopping up. If there isn’t one already, log an issue on https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues


I had the same problem, but following the steps described here helped me:

I updated the updater/index.php with the content provided on the page above, entered the update URL in the config/config.php, switched the update channel as suggested and after that the updater showed the correct versions for me.

Facing the same problem you do, I wasn’t able to run the update and only received the error message, that there is no newer version for me (which is obviously wrong). Following the steps on that page and the update started.

Good luck!

Nextcloud continued to use the owncloud version scheme, that’s the number you see in the notify message. Starting from NC 11 there will only be a Nextcloud version number. There were some issues during migration from owncloud to Nextcloud that the detection of which software is newer was not working reliably. App developers will be able to specify the compatibility to NC and OC individually.