Update NCP to 20.0.7 or wait?

Hi, I have NCP installed on a RPI 4. Currently the latest NC vesion is 20.0.7 I think. But NCP says its 20.0.4 and “latest”. Is it ok to update NC with its built in updater or should I wait until NCP pushes an update?


20.0.4 is latest stable as far as ncp dev is concerned, but if you want you can use the ncp update tool or the nc native updater, I’ d rather use the native cli then the web updater tho.

Thanks for the link. I am not sure what to do, I guess I should wait for ncp stable release.

Hi! I wonder that there is another branch “devel” that is still more up-to-date (GitHub - nextcloud/nextcloudpi at devel). The most strange thing is that there a still tags for ncp version 1.34.6 … 1.35.0 but none of these are found there way to the master. Does anyone know the reason for the non up-to-date master?

Probably waiting for bugs to pop up

just pushed NC20.0.8


Does NCP include @nachoparker improvements to Preview Generator? (speed up bump - thanks for great work).
I’m currently on normal NC (21.0.0) with PostgreSQL and considering awaiting for NCP 21 to jump over with sole purpose to get the goodie of @nachoparker improvements (running on Odroid N2 in docker).