Update nc15 to nc16 without stopping the server?

Because I have installed nextcloud on a shared server (allinkl), I cannot stop the server while updating manual.
Is it possible to update without stopping?

Thank you!

The web updater is not stopping the server. So that should work for you.

When the updater asks you, if you want to keep maintenance mode enabled, you should click “no” then.


My 2 nextcloud instances are hosted at allinkl as well - upgrading works without any issues.

I usually update using the web updater.

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Thank you.
Web updater doesn’t work for nc15 to nc16 and not for nc16 to nc17.
Or do you know a turnaround?

Why should it not work?
I’ve started with NC14 and both instances are now on 16.0.5 - all the updates in between were done using the web updater.

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Great hint. Thank you.
I will try around more the next time.

This time I had not much luck and solved it like that.