Update NC12 -> 13.01 went wrong, where to find more information?


I just updated from NC 12 to 13.01, however in the second Web Update part (of which the longest part is the database schema upgrade) something goes wrong.

A few steps AFTER the database schema upgrade. It gives then the message “an error occurred, refresh this page”. If I refresh this page i get “nextcloud is in maintaince mode”.

Where can I:

  • Find out what went wrong. Which files to check?
  • How can I restart the failed steps?



use OCC php command console to repair/check your install, and even, remove maintenance mode.

You need to call the script via console with the www-user of your install.

Ie: in ubuntu is:
cd /var/www/nextcloud (asuming is your install root)
sudo -u www-data php occ

it shows a help, you can see the available commands

IE, sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:mode --off
turn of maintenance mode

to manage the install settings you can use the maintenance and migration sections. Every command has his own help section. Go for it!