Update NC 20.0.6 and Bookmarks App | LOST all my Bookmarks!

After Updateing my NC Instance to 20.0.6 and the Bookmark App i realized i lost all my Bookmarks. They’re just gone! I searched the Server but couldn’t find anything.

Anyone an idea?

Thank’s in advance Christian

P.S.: Yes, i have an 3 Month old Backup but till then i lost lot of Bookmarks with important information.

In my case the Bookmarks app disappeared, the News app as well, and they cannot be reinstalled it seems. Redownloading produces new error messages. Very bad update, and I get lots of internal server error messages as well, my instance is more or less out of order. The Dashboard also lacks some widgets

There is already a bug report on the bug tracker, please continue there:

I have a small script I run with cron in order to backup the database on a daily basis (I was playing with the caching settings of the database and was afraid that I might crash it one day):

 mysqldump -u root -pmy_password -a nextcloud | gzip > /ncdata/dbbackup/NC-$(date +'%a').sql.gz
 #mysql -u user -p datenbank < file.sql
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