Update NC 20.0.4 -> 20.0.6 via NC Web Panel


I’ve a short question :slight_smile:.
I’m using nextcloudpi on a raspberry pi 4 with docker.
Versions are:

  • NC version is 20.0.4
  • NC webpanel version is 1.34.7

When I’m looking in my NC under “Settings” -> “Overview” I can see that there’s a update available for 20.0.6

Settings - Nextcloud

But when I try to updated via the web panel it says there’s nothing to update:
2021-01-28 19_00_19-NextCloudPi Panel und 2 weitere Seiten - Persönlich – Microsoft​ Edge

Is this correct or doing I something wrong?

When I try to update directly over the NC I get the following:

Read Staying up to date | NextCloudPi Documentation

Dont use NC’s web updater (if you can avoid it), use NC’s command line tool or nc-update-nextcloud.
Anything above 20.0.4 is not considered tested and stable enough by ncp dev at this moment.
You can use 20.0.5 instead of 0 in nc-update-nextcloud, if want to upgrade anyway. Some apps might no longer work. Make backups before you do, so can restore, if you want or need to.